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Technology is a wonderful thing

It can be an efficient and powerful way to leverage productivity within your company, by improving business processes. Starting with HubSpot and rolling out across hundreds of potential technologies your company uses, we audit and recommend continuous improvements to your tech stack.


What is a tech stack?

You may have heard the term ‘tech’ or ‘solutions stack’ before. This is the list of technologies we build together to run one single application, in this case, HubSpot.

HubSpot has built up the world’s best app ecosystem, a resource to easily find relevant apps for your company needs through a robust search model. There are over 300 apps in the ecosystem and growing. Knowing where to start can be tough.

Existing technologies

Across your company, the chances are:

You have technology subscriptions initiated but not in use, yet have not paused or cancelled

You have technologies with similar functionalities and poor usage, that should be replaced

You have opportunities to improve business processes and uncover automation opportunities with integrations between two or more technologies


We’ve tested hundreds of softwares across the technology ecosystem

bolt can help you understand exactly what value you’re getting from existing technologies, as well as supporting future decisions you make on your tech stack. But knowing what and how to integrate with HubSpot, let alone what to replace or keep can be tricky.

bolt’s tech stack


Did you know?

On average, our clients at bolt have live subscriptions with almost 100 apps at any one time!


A better approach

By choosing bolt to audit your existing technology and support your desired future technology decisions, you can:

  • Grow with purpose - by synchronizing and simplifying your platform into one simple, centralised hub for growth
  • Save time - by using our team to draw on clear inefficiencies and opportunities throughout our audit
  • Improve experience - for your team and clients that are impacted through the use of your technologies
  • Save money - by allowing us to identify, analyse and recommend removing technologies that aren’t providing sufficient return on your company investment

Why do companies get it wrong?

  • Cutting corners in their technology decision making process based on time and resource
  • Lack of thorough understanding of technology use case and alignment with prospective users
  • Knowledge of how each technology impacts employee efficiency, work quality and customer experience

Our objective is to make effective HubSpot technology recommendations that help your whole company grow

It all starts with a needs gap analysis, which assesses:

  • How, when and where technologies currently existing within your business process
  • How ingrained these technologies are within those processes
  • The needs fulfilled by existing technologies against your desired state

This helps us determine and recommend what steps your company should take and the right list of technologies that should be used.

To start making a step in the right direction, book a needs gap analysis with our team of specialists

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