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Sales enablement and methodology

Most companies put the majority of their time and investment into their sales function to help their company grow successfully. Hiring great salespeople is the first step to having a powerful sales function. Very often, salespeople are left isolated without the tools and resources they need to meet and exceed their targets.


Get more value from your resources

At bolt, we remove that isolation by bringing the same buyer-driven philosophy as inbound marketing to your sales process. The result is a frictionless sales process for your team and buyers, meaning you close more deals and improve your client experience.

Did you know salespeople spend 59% of their time working on tasks that don’t directly involve selling? What would you do if you could get that time back? We create infrastructure and operational best practices that give your team the tools to have conversations, create opportunities and generate revenue.


The inbound sales methodology is simple:

  • Identify - target contacts and companies that are the best fit for your company right now or through a nurtured buying journey
  • Connect - with a personalised message that is relevant to the buyer’s context rather than cold calling
  • Explore - how you can help based on their unique goals, challenges and plans instead of using the standard sales pitch
  • Advise - a strategic approach that is tailored to the buyer’s context uncovered early in the sales process.

Create a frictionless sales process

Many companies that come to bolt have an inefficient sales process which results in wasted marketing activities and campaigns. By better enabling your sales team, we can get more value from marketing resources and investment to generate better quality leads.

Sales enablement includes processes, tools and apps that empower sales teams to sell efficiently. This includes marketing to sales service level agreements (SLAs), sales collateral, sales process automation, buyer personas and reporting.

Our team delivers strategic sales-driven campaigns to generate high quality leads for your sales team to close. We give your salespeople the right tools and resources they need to do their job properly.


Whether your challenge is visibility, quality of leads or conversion rate, let’s empower your sales team together.

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