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Why hire bolt on a
retained basis?

Every HubSpot agency is different and unique in their own way, and it’s important you find the right partner for your business. At bolt, we are a boutique inbound sales and marketing agency, with unrivalled accessibility to our leadership and expertise throughout our team.


We are looking for clients who allow us to integrate properly as part of your team.

There is a direct correlation between those we engage with and the results we achieve together as one.

We take our ability to put our experience into practice as a huge advantage for anyone who hires us.

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Our retained partnerships are affordable, offering excellent value for money with a full service team that you’d love to have in-house.

Our team are all HubSpot certified and have a combined 50+ years experience in HubSpot specifically.

Our delivery is focused on flexibility as we understand that there needs to be a degree of a reactive support when you need it.


How does your way of working fit us?

When you work with bolt, you are working with a team that is focused on getting results through consistent collaboration and communication. Although we are technically two separate entities, have that close knit relationship allows us to do our best work, where you can rely on us to keep going without disrupting your workflow.

Best fit clients

We have the knowledge

We leverage our full service experience to deliver on time and to a high standard. Weather that’s design, content creation or HubSpot related, you have access to specialists as though it’s your own in-house team.

We’re adaptable

You might have resource in-house and need us to support with additional work. You might have no in-house resource and rely entirely on our expertise. We adapt to both ways of working and use our technologies to enhance your own inbound operations.


What is included in a retainer?

Our retainers are broken into four areas; inbound marketing, inbound sales, website optimisation and HubSpot support.

The more investment into a retainer, the more resource and deliverables you can expect to be included. This is based in your own ambitions and budgets of what you’d like to achieve by hiring our team.

Let’s do something amazing together. View our pricing guide to see how our retainers can help you grow continuously.

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The longer the wait, the longer time to see value. Let’s talk.

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