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Make your customers the star of the show in 2021

Make your customers the star of the show in 2021

Written by Laura Greenhalgh
Posted on 22 Dec 2020
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Sausages wrapped in bacon – Pigs in Blankets – are the star of the Christmas spread. Some may even wonder why they are only saved for Christmas. Maybe that’s what makes them even more special. Just as Pigs in Blankets are the star of the Christmas spread, your customers should feel like a star with a great customer experience.

A great customer experience can make or break your business. It only takes one bad experience with you for a customer to decide to use a competitor instead. HubSpot have found that $1.6 trillion is lost every year due to poor customer service, whilst customers will spend 17% more for a good experience. When creating content or designing a website, you should always put your customer first. Think about the value the customer is getting from the content you are creating. Is it worth their time to read or watch the content? How easy is it for a customer to navigate your website and find the information or products they are looking for? B2B International found that only 14% of B2B businesses have customer experience ingrained in their company. So there is the opportunity to get ahead of your competitors.

How B2B companies can focus on customer experience

There are now a number of ways customers can get in contact with companies such as email, phone, social media and live chat. It’s crucial that a company provides a consistent experience across all channels. Having a CRM system in place like HubSpot can allow companies to consistently update information on customers so that they are always aware of their needs and can provide the best experience for them. 

Every B2B customer has different needs. They want someone that understands their needs and can support them rather than a salesperson listing off the services/products they provide. Personalised experiences with customers can strengthen long term relationships as they feel like they are being supported with their best interests in mind. Personalising experiences can begin with ensuring content you create is personalised to the user. This could be adding a name to your emails or adding smart content to your site so that users see content that is relevant to them.

Time is very important for B2B customers. They don’t have time in their day to waste trying to find information on your website or sitting on hold on the phone whilst you find the answers they need. Timely responses are expected and companies that respond quickly with a suitable solution are able to deliver a memorable customer experience. However, providing the best customer experience is being proactive and solving issues before customers realise they have one.

This Christmas, as you look at the Pigs in Blankets in all their glory as the star of the Christmas dinner, have a think about how you can make your customers the star in 2021.

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