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5 effective customer success strategies your business should implement 

Written by Alex Clark
Posted on 22 Aug 2022
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It is important to retain existing customers as well as win new ones, especially since acquiring new customers costs five times as much as keeping existing ones, according to Outbound Engine. But what is the key to retaining customers? Customer success.   

What is customer success?  

As a business strategy, customer success means helping customers see value in a product or service by providing them with meaningful solutions. You will increase customer loyalty and work towards your wider business goals by having robust customer success strategies in place.  

According to HubSpot, successful businesses are 21% more likely to believe that their customer success strategy is imperative compared to failing businesses. 

Here are 5 effective strategies for customer success your business should employ.  

1. A seamless onboarding process  

Setting the right tone for your customer relationship begins with onboarding. It is your chance to understand your customer and what they are looking to get out of your product or service in more detail.  

Focally, you must provide your customers with an interactive and effortless process. As a result, they will be able to see how your product or service can benefit them right away. 

However, onboarding can be overlooked. As reported by Wyzowl, more than 90% of customers agree that onboarding new users/customers could be improved by the companies they buy from. So, being part of the percentage that takes care of their onboarding process will help your business stand out.  

Each business will have its own onboarding process. Customers may benefit from tutorial videos and guides (usually from B2C businesses), while others may prefer video calls with business representatives (usually from B2B businesses).   

2. Receiving and acting on feedback  

Customer feedback must be gathered and acted upon as part of your customer success strategy. No matter how positive or negative the feedback is, it will set you apart from your competitors if you take it all onboard.  

Feedback from social media, emails, and online reviews can be used as a starting point, and surveys (Survey Monkey has good ones) should be used for gathering more detailed data. There are different types of surveys that you can send to customers at various stages of their customer journey, such as:  

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)  
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT)  
  • Customer Effort Score (CES)  

The key here is to make it easy for the participants to provide relevant feedback to your business.  

3. Create valuable and engaging content   

While it might not seem obvious, creating content that is helpful to your customers can play a significant role in your customer success plan.   

If you don't know what content would be useful to your customers, use your buyer personas as a guide - it will help ensure your content is relevant to them.  

Content comes in different forms (not just articles). Below are some examples:   

  • Blogs and articles  
  • Videos  
  • Social media posts  
  • PDFs/eBooks  
  • Case studies  
  • Webinars  

Create content that covers a variety of topics to cater to diverse needs and to people at various stages of the customer journey. For example, as a digital marketing agency, we have a blog covering what a new client should know when working with us, which is tailored to a new client, to case studies tailored to a prospective client.  

4. Excellent customer support  

Every business will have customers who face roadblocks with their product or service. After all, no business is flawless. However, how you deal with these queries will determine your customer success strategy.

According to Khoros, 83% of customers place good customer service as the most principal factor in their purchasing decision.  

You should make sure your customer service department, or point of contact, is friendly, but more importantly, helpful. This will involve:  

  • Responding in a timely manner (within 24 hours for example)  
  • Being proactive   
  • Having a positive attitude  
  • Being patient  
  • Providing the best possible solution  

Even if your business lacks the resources for a dedicated customer service team, there are still steps you can take to ensure you provide good customer support. Consider having a knowledge base or a FAQ page accessible on your website, so customers can access it if they have a general question that does not require your staff to assist.  

5. Value realisation  

This is where your customer will have that lightbulb moment and realise the value of choosing you. So, make sure you get them to this stage as part of your customer success plan. The time and reason for affirming the value of your product or service will be different for each customer, depending on their needs.   

However, you must maintain their value realisation since it can be lost just as easily as gained. In addition to working on feedback, your business cannot stagnate. It should be dynamic, and you should be constantly seeking ways to improve your product/service. 

We have a number of resources we have can help your business with a variety of marketing strategies.

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