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10 things you should know as a new agency client

Written by Alex Clark
Posted on 18 Jul 2022
Time it takes to read: 3 minutes

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It's always an exciting time when we onboard a client and begin work on new projects.

We always encourage a personal connection with our clients when working on these projects, but more importantly, we must share the same values. Sharing the same values means that we can work collaboratively to meet their goals and enjoy a prosperous client and agency relationship.

Here are 10 things you should know as a new agency client which we believe are key to a successful client relationship.

1. Understand our specialism

Different marketing agencies may specialise in different sectors, markets or software products. Understanding an agency's specialism is important to determine whether they're a good fit for your company.

At Heyoo (formerly known as bolt), we mainly offer digital marketing services for B2B companies, but our updated tagline: 'Engage. Everyone. Everywhere' shows that we also work with B2C companies. However, we still specialise in software packages such as WordPress, Vidyard and HubSpot.  

2. Honest communication

We prefer open and honest communication, as we're sure you do too. So, we'll always be honest with you, even if the news or our opinion is not what you're hoping for. Mistakes sometimes happen, but we'll take accountability and find a resolution.

We want this honesty to work both ways. So, let us know if something isn’t what you want so we can learn from it and improve for next time.

3. Be clear on what your expectations are for success 

It’s essential to be upfront about your expectations and what your version of success looks like - as it means we know exactly what we're working toward. You must continue this honesty throughout our client and agency relationship.

To get a good initial understanding of your expectations, our onboarding process involves learning more about your company's goals and objectives. Expect plenty of questions from us during this process!

4. Understand that everything takes time   

Building websites, optimising CRM platforms and everything involved in a successful digital marketing strategy takes time. We ensure that we're all on the same page by communicating in layman's terms, even with more complex or large projects, which can sometimes take longer than expected.

Our approach to situations like this is to keep you informed throughout the process. You'll also have a client-facing representative available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Just remember that there’s a method in the madness and a structured process for a reason: because it is what gets you results and brings value.  

5. We work in your best interests 

From a purely business perspective, if our services help grow your business, it helps our business grow. But we are primarily a digital marketing agency because we’re passionate about digital marketing.

Since we know the impact our work has on our clients' businesses, we take pride in seeing their businesses grow.

6. No ambiguity   

Getting the most out of our services requires a good, detailed brief. This way, we have a clear understanding of what you’re looking for and allows us to implement our expertise to full effectiveness.   

Simply put, having lacklustre briefs can result in the project straying away from your expectations and not fulfilling the objective.  

7. Bring us into your world 

Treat us like your employees or as an extension of your team. Depending on the level of services we provide for your business, we are a fundamental pillar of your business.

Integrating us into your company will lead to better results, so let us enter your world. 

8. There are no guaranteed results   

Even the best marketing agencies cannot always guarantee results. There will sometimes be factors that mean a target isn’t met. These can include:  

  • Macroeconomic factors  
  • Team members on annual leave  
  • Unexpected complications  

Despite this, you must remember that although results aren’t guaranteed, we'll always strive to deliver them for your business.  

9. No responsibility for any cost to brand reputation  

If you’ve ever purchased shares, you'll probably know there’s no guarantee that they'll return a profit, and the trading company isn’t liable if you lose money.  

The same principle applies to us. As experts in the digital marketing field, we recommend initiatives, campaigns and projects, but it's important to note that we base our work on the brief we receive from you. 

Before going live, we'll always send work for approval, so you're responsible for the brand's reputation. 

10. The size of the agency is important 

Perhaps overlooked at times, the size of the agency that you choose to work with will influence your overall experience. Larger agencies will have more resources but will also have more clients, meaning they may take longer to reply to your queries and may sometimes lack a more personal touch.  

Smaller agencies, like us, will have more of a personal touch as you’re one of only a relatively small pool of clients. So, expect a closer client and agency relationship with more flexibility and efficiency. Small agencies can also be that size because they are boutiques with the specialised expertise that larger agencies might lack. 

Noting these points will help us develop a successful client and agency relationship. Fundamentally, we know that helping you achieve exceptional results and delivering value is key to a successful client relationship.

We also realise that these are just words and that the proof is in the pudding – so check out some examples of our work.

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