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Data that fuels your B2B marketing campaigns.

There’s an old saying - any B2B marketing campaign is only as good as the data that it’s built on. That saying is very much part of our ethos at bolt. We can do all the fancy work that follows - strategy, design, development, writing, filming or analysing. All of that is redundant if the foundation of your campaign isn’t the best it can be.


Trust in your data, trust in your campaign

When you’re using data to find new clients, you rely on it being up to date. You may also need to segment your data to help target the prospects more effectively and you may need a bare minimum amount of records to help do that efficiently. All of the above truly builds integrity in the execution of your campaign, while building sales confidence in the marketing strategy you’re delivering. Our team is well qualified in data management to help you source, validate, test and use B2B marketing data for your campaigns to maintain your company reputation while improving your client experience from the very first touchpoint.

Why choose bolt to support your B2B marketing data?

We’re marketers ourselves

So we truly understand the correlation of good data in the results of a marketing campaign

Detailed research

Means that we source information to help you direct mail, telephone, email and connect prospects

GDPR compliant

This guarantee means you can completely trust that your data has been sourced in compliance with regulatory practices

Consultative approach

Whether it’s for a standalone campaign, to cleanse your CRM or to help with a sales initiative, we can support

Closed loop

We guarantee the quality of our B2B marketing data and close the loop on any usage to ensure results


The importance of good data in HubSpot CRM

Your sales team need confidence in your systems and processes and the data that sits in your HubSpot platform must be high quality. The cost of poor data in your CRM can be huge. Making it difficult to sell, run any campaigns or target strategic accounts can prove difficult. On average, companies’ CRM data decays by 20% year on year, so a regular cleanse is key. Our mindset is always that the better data that goes in = the better data that comes out. Meaning you have the ability to analyse, report and plan effectively for business growth and lead generation.

For an initial, consultative discussion regarding your campaign data requirements, please book a discovery with our data experts

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