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Looking ahead to what’s next?

That next step might be out of your comfort zone, but we’re here to welcome you into a young team with lofty ambitions. The world is on our shoulders as we aim to take our agency to the next level. If you’re ready for a new challenge, then you might be a great fit.

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Careers at bolt

Attention blue sky thinkers, proactive problem solvers, lovers of HubSpot and kind souls. We are an early stage company, growing fast and building a next generation agency for the future. Our aim is to create one outstanding place of work to realise your long term potential. It’s up to you to fulfill it.

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Our mission & values

When you're trusted by clients, it's important to know what you stand for. Our company values should match your own. Our mission is to continuously give a sh*t about our client’s goals, objectives & results to achieve more. Do we align?


We are all defined by our actions and decisions. Take 100% responsibility for your own at all times and expect the same from others.


We believe we shouldn’t be deterred by what others think or perceive. Fortune favours the brave, execute what you believe in.


Our team and clients are so unique and diverse. We never wing it. We’re eager to learn, to know something that we don’t already.


Our days are never the same. Sometimes manic, sometimes challenging. Always fun. Regardless, we constantly have a generous and considerate nature.


We spend one third of our life at work. It should fill a huge amount of purpose. We believe in what we do and have strong feelings tied to our work.


We take on constructive criticism and we understand there will always be difficult times where the outcome is not as expected. We have the ability to recover quickly.


Why choose to work at bolt?

We promise that your voice will always be heard, regardless of our company growth. We need our people to thrive in a place they’re appreciated.

Our completely diverse client base means you’ll be involved in an intriguing variety of projects and campaigns in markets around the world.

We’ll never stop growing and for that to happen we need you to grow with us. There’s lots of support and constant training for personal development.

Our whole team is employed full time, in-house. You’ll have a constant learning curve to keep up with!

Internal politics and individuals are left at the door. We’re one team that actually enjoy going for a drink after work

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Looking to join an amazing team of people?
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