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B2B Paid Traffic Generation that drives more quality prospects to your website.

If you’re part of a B2B or Professional Services company and reading this, you’re likely looking to achieve more quality prospects from your paid traffic.


We support clients with improving the leads that come from their paid channels, rather than focusing on quantity.

This makes your paid budget stretch further. It turns into a scalable option.


Generating paid traffic means you’re paying for each visitor to your website, so you should not settle for below par website visitors.

We integrate your paid traffic sources including Google Ads and LinkedIn with your HubSpot platform as part of our overall strategic inbound sales and marketing objectives so all your data is in one place.

This is often used as a channel at the heart of any comprehensive B2B marketing campaign, especially for faster, measurable results. It can be used effectively to cut through the competitive organic market below the paid ads on search engine results pages.


B2B paid traffic sources

The best platforms for you to generate paid traffic will depend on your target audience and business goals. Campaign testing may be required to identify which platform(s) are best for you specifically so we can maintain a lean spend moving forward.

We set up and run campaigns on these platforms:


We will recommend paid budgets if these are not set by you.

Ensuring we stay within these parameters to optimise your paid traffic generation spend over a period of time.


B2B Paid Traffic Generation process

It’s easy to fall into a trap when running an ads campaign of ‘set and forget’, leaving the ads to run themselves almost. Inevitably, this drains unnecessary budget with ad spend on poor keywords and irrelevant clicks. As part of our retainer model, we provide the ongoing proactive campaign management that your paid traffic requires.


Whether we’ve set up the campaign ourselves or we’re optimising your existing account, we will make continuous improvements to the campaign and give transparent recommendations based on your business goals.

To get the most from your paid traffic channels, it simply has to have this level of attention every day.


If you’d like to add paid traffic generation to your monthly retainer with us, please speak to one of our team.

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