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B2B account based marketing

Adopting an account based marketing strategy on key accounts can position your brand in front of the right decision makers with targeted content and campaigns that build relationships using a personalised experience.


Why ABM?

Traditionally, marketing tactics focus on a wide sales funnel, are difficult to manage and tough to keep everything moving forward. Account based marketing is targeted and, when executed correctly, is effective when going after dream tier 1 prospective clients.

Launching an ABM strategy will align your sales and marketing teams to ensure you appeal to ideal client profiles. ABM is ideal for B2B companies that have longer sales processes and find decision makers hard to reach.

Our ABM process:


a list of target accounts and an ecosystem of contacts


where to start first depending on industry, company size and strategic factors


based on the structure of the accounts and the roles per account


engaging, relevant, inspiring content focused on the pain points of the company


via the right channels at the right time depending on the target account and roles


what has worked, the lessons learned and plan continuous improvements.


Invest in ABM

You’re a great fit for account based marketing if:

  • Your sales lifecycle involves a number of stakeholders due to the level of commitment and investment required from your target accounts
  • There are upsell opportunities to strategically grow your accounts and average client LTV
  • You understand the unique characteristics of your best clients and have identified other accounts that have the potential to do something similar
  • Your sales lifecycle can be long and complex due to your product or service offering and ABM will help you to better nurture these relationships.

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